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About Tasty Partys
Committed to helping our guests live out their dreams and fantasies.
Our Story.

  We had been in the lifestyle for about a year, and at the time that meant if you wanted to go to a lifestyle event you had to drive and drive and drive. Not that we're complaining too much we had a blast and still attend other parties as guests. But, after meeting couples that lived only blocks away from us, yet we met them a hundred miles from home, we decided to start organizing lifestyle events in Milwaukee. After all we were in the event (vanilla) business already.

  We threw our first party - Lucky 13 on May 13th, 2006, and we've been rolling ever since. We throw a Bar meet approximately every six weeks. 

A safe, affordable, fun party... always our goal. This is what that means to us:

SAFE: Our guests comfort, privacy and wellbeing are of the utmost concern to us. This means we always have security measures in place prior to, during and after our parties. We do our best to keep our security very low profile, but it is always there. Our security measures include prescreening of guests, limiting the number of single males, insisting on a referral for single males from a certified couple and a strict no tolerance policy on drama and other nondesireable behaviors.

AFFORDABLE: This is not an easy concept to describe because everyone has different budgets. Our philosophy here is to do the safest, most fun party we can for the lowest price we can. We've had party's for as low as $20 and as much as $80. Every party's entry fee is based upon the projected cost of that party in addition to deposits we must make for location, and services contracted. We do show a profit on some parties and we have lost money on others- it is the risk of event planning. We do put a lot of time and effort into our events and our time is valuable. We do not use these events to pay our bills. 

FUN: We have always said that a great party is dependent on who attends, aside from that we try to always keep things fresh. We tend not to do many theme parties, but we do try to do something new as often as we can, and we're always open to suggestions.

Final Thought:

We do these parties because we truly love and enjoy the lifestyle. We think having an environment to enjoy the company of likeminded people can only enhance the lifestyle and help it to grow and.enjoy the company of likeminded people can only enhance the lifestyle and help it to grow.