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Party Etiquette 

Rules all guests need to abide by at our events.

​We are not an on-premise play club, a meat market, a free for all, nor are we fans of snobby or offensively aggressive behavior. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome. Any behavior of that draws unwanted attention to our group or makes our guests uncomfortable will cause you to be escorted off the premises. If you see or experience any unacceptable behavior, please inform us immediately so that we may deal with the situation right away.

Our venues are public and hold liquor licenses, so sexual activity and nudity is not allowed at any of our events, NO EXCEPTIONS. There are always several "after parties" following our events; we kindly ask that our guests reserve their more intimate interactions for those "after parties". After all, nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of waiting just a little bit longer in the evening until the clothes come off.  

We realize that you are all adults and can make your own decisions. We only ask that you abide by some rules.
1. There is to be no sexual activity or nudity.
2. Please take drama outside.
3. No Means No. We will ask anyone who is causing problems to leave the party. No disruptive behavior. Please treat your fellow guests as well as the staff with respect.
4. You must arrive and leave with your significant other.
5. Please keep your alcohol consumption to reasonable level. We do not want to have to “baby-sit” anyone who has had too much to drink.
6. No pictures without the permission of everyone in them and no videos.
7. We recommend the Designated Driver system or take advantage or Uber or Lyft.
8. No carry ins, no illegal substances.
9. Whatever happens at the party STAYS at the party.
10. Relax, have fun, make friends.